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Within the Six Sigma area, Setec has established a strategic alliance with Oriel and Qualtec, and Setec Argentina with Stat-A-Matrix, both major American consultancies.

Oriel is one of the most important U.S consultancy companies in statistics and with it the Six Sigma worldwide programs of various multinational companies are developed, which are served by Setec in South America.




Qualtec is also one of the major American consultancies and is responsible for developing worldwide Six Sigma projects for large multinational companies, served by Setec in all Latin America.


Stat-A-Matrix is the consultancy company selected by Motorola University (division of Motorola that has developed Six Sigma) to spread the concept and apply the courses at Motorola worldwide.



Setec also has a partnership with and represents Global Tech, which is the only representative of the software MINITAB in Brazil. This software has a set of statistical methods which enable data investigation and facilitate project development such as Six Sigma projects. To get to know more about MINITAB, access Global Tech’s website by clicking on the link below.

Minitab - Global Tech


EPSE is Banas Qualidade’s publisher, the main Quality and Management Systems magazine in the country. For over seven years, the magazine has featured a column written by Jeannette Galbinski, Setec’s administrative-commercial director . In addition, Setec’s consultants write monthly articles for the magazine, informing, analyzing and helping the readers on current and relevant subjects in the business world.

Logo Editora EPSE

Setec Consulting Group is the only Brazilian consultancy company homologated by AIAG and able totrain companies on MMOG/LE (Materials Management Operations Guideline Logistics Evaluation) in South America.




Qualidade em Quadrinhos is a publisher that works creating products to facilitate the communication process in the Brazilian market of Quality. With over 15 years of experience, it develops customized products to capacitate shareholders from all companies.


Qualidade em Quadrinhos

In 2009, Setec started a partnership with Eldorado Radio Station (which is part of one of the biggest media groups in Brazil ) to develop the radio show ELDORADO GESTÃO.  The 30-minute weekly attraction on Eldorado AM 700, brings themes related to the business and management world. The program is presented by Fernanda Felicioni and commented by  Jeannette Galbinski and Márcio Abraham, experts in business management and Setec Consulting Group’s directors.




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